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The characteristics of crayons

Most of us have used crayons in childhood, but it is estimated that few people care about why wax is used as a pen.
Strictly speaking, crayons are pens made by mixing various pigments into wax.
Due to the characteristics of wax itself, it cannot penetrate into paper and other materials, so we draw with crayons, which is equivalent to adding a layer of colored wax to the paper.
Therefore, when the child is young and cannot grasp the strength of the pen and the pen, writing and drawing with a crayon can significantly reduce the damage to the paper and even the desktop.
Moreover, the wax itself is non-toxic and relatively safer. Even if adults cook, children can rest assured when they paint by themselves.
There are also disadvantages, that is, on a relatively smooth material, the wax cannot adhere to it, and it is impossible to paint. But it also protects a lot of furniture on the side, which is more suitable for children. After all, they can do family doodles.




Precautions for the purchase of crayons

Although the wax itself is non-toxic, it is not easy to eat. In addition, the crayons are mixed with pigments. If the pigments are poisonous, it is more dangerous.
Therefore, when purchasing crayons, we must first pay attention to safety.
At present, the more authoritative certifications mainly include the following two:
American AP certification
EU CE certification
These two types of certification mainly indicate that the ingredients in the product that may cause harm to children, or have toxic effects, are within the safe range.
One of the two is that you can buy it for your child with confidence. If it can achieve dual certification, it will undoubtedly be more reliable, but it is not necessary to force dual certification.



Another point to note is that the shape and size of the crayons should match the child's current age.
If the child is relatively young, it is suitable to buy a crayon with a thick body, which is easy to grasp and easy to use. If the child is older and has a stronger grasping ability, you can buy it according to your preference. There is no problem with thick or thin rods.

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