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What kind of paper notebook do you like?

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My history of buying notebooks started in elementary school, and I bought them at the stationery stores around the school. The price of the book is about 2 yuan to 8 yuan, the price is not expensive, but I have gradually accumulated some of my own selection criteria, basically from a practical point of view, of course, it is not ruled out that some time will break the standard, buy Some books that I know may go wrong but I like very much come back.

puppy cartoon notebook

Briefly, I would focus on the following:

Thickness: I will not buy a left-bound plastic book with a thickness of more than 0.8cm, because it will be very difficult to write on the reverse side of this kind of book, especially when writing to the spine, you must press the book hard to write It has to be neat and tidy, and even that tends to leave a large blank at the spine, which is wasteful and unsightly. This kind of book will be wrinkled and rolled up when it is half used, which makes people have no desire to continue to use it.
Good page turning: Needless to say, the thread-bound book will be easy to turn even if it is thicker, compared to plastic-bound.
Easy to tear without affecting later use: some plastic-bound books are of poor quality, and the entire book is almost scattered after tearing off a few pages. Some students' textbooks in college were baked on the radiator, and the glue melted. Books become albums. Spiral book (? Is this the name) This kind of book is very easy to tear, but it is usually an office style. The thread-bound book can be torn, but each time it is torn, it means that even if only one page is used, the associated page will also be lost, so when tearing, find the binding line in the middle of the book, and tearing this way will compare Completely remove the left and right parts without tearing.
Paper: Not only the color but also the feel. Generally speaking, I like Daolin paper the most. It looks a little greenish and yellowish, and it feels clean and delicate. I don’t like paper that is too thick.
Printing line: The line spacing is larger and the color is lighter. Now sometimes I also buy a small notepad without printing lines, so that I can write and draw without worrying about the shackles of the printing lines.
Cover pattern: This is hard to say, everyone has their own preferences. Personally, I like a simpler style, such as scenery or characters, and cute or colorful ones. This is a feeling. That's why you can't look away when you see him in piles of books, you have the desire to open it and want to pick it up. I once bought a series of notebooks of Van Gogh's paintings, and I liked them very much. Although I didn't know these paintings very well at the time, I felt that I had to buy them when I saw them.
Illustrations in the book: Some books will have some illustrations in the book, which also need to be considered.
Buying notebooks and stationery is a very interesting thing. Although it is relatively small, some people think that buying these is so laborious and brainless, and it is not necessary, but I get a lot of fun from it, so even if Now that I have graduated from high school for a long time, I still go back to the high school stationery store every winter and summer vacation to see if there is anything I like and interesting.

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