Simple and beautiful bookmark making

1. Prepare a piece of cardboard, fill in the starry sky with paint, use a lot of blue and purple, paint it flat on the screen, use a small amount of orange, red and yellow, paint it on the painting paper, ...

puppy cartoon notebook

What kind of paper notebook do you like?

My history of buying notebooks started in elementary school, and I bought them at the stationery stores around the school. The price of the book is about 2 yuan to 8 yuan, the price is not expensive,


Any good notebooks (paper) to recommend?

A few years ago, I wanted to write a diary and bought a diary from a certain brand. At the beginning, I was full of confidence, excerpted the golden sentence, wrote down the action process and insights of ...


Why do some people like to use pencils?

The pencil, the tool of the doodler, represents thought and creativity. Pencils, also children's toys, symbolize spontaneity and childishness. Pencil is also an ephemeral medium for thinkers, planners, dra...

New Christmas Gift Novelty Pencil Sharpener TK-CM03

Pros and cons of pencil sharpeners

With the progress of society, by the beginning of the 19th century, people not only needed to use more pencils, but also had higher requirements for the time spent sharpening pencils. The pencil sharpener ...


The development trend of Chinese stationery

According to relevant statistics, there are about 190 million primary and middle school students in my country, about 40 million college and middle school students, about 5 million adult students, and abou...


In China, the demand for stationery

As the country with the largest population, my country has a very large demand for various products, especially in the continuous growth of stationery and gifts.